Welcome to the startpage of this website!

This internetsite is completely dedicated to the Mercedes 190 E 16v series. The internetsite is a personal initiative to inform enthusiasts about all there is to know about these cars. Not only the street cars 2.3-16, 2.5-16 and Evolution models, also the racing and rallye activities are not forgotten. The various subjects described on this site are always visable in menu on the left. Currently this site is under construction which means that during the time I will add more and more information on this site.

I have initiated a register for Evolution models (on a different domain name) in the hope to get an insight in the number of Evolution cars there still are out there. I think everyone is curious to find out, but therefore I need owners to respond. Click on the picture to enter the register.

Update: I have updated the literature overview with some new material. A collection of press photos however still has to come. Furthermore I have updated especially the Hillclimb and Rally overview with new pictures, videos and information. I have also added a miscellaneous site to the motorsport section where I have put information about several 190 E 16v's in competition around the globe. I am planning to update the sales section, update the literature overview and a big update to the motorsport section.

Requests or ideas are always welcome. Do not hesitate to send an email if you have questions or comments.