This internetsite is completely dedicated to the Mercedes W201 190 E 16v series. The internetsite is a personal initiative to inform enthusiasts about all there is to know about these cars. Not only the street cars 2.3-16, 2.5-16 and Evolution models, also the racing and rallye activities are not forgotten.

I am a big fan of the Mercedes 190 E 16v. Why do people often ask. My interest in this car started mainly because of the DTM participation of Mercedes with the 190 E 16v in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. During those years I started collecting all kinds of material about the DTM race series and especially 190 E 16v related. Soon I realized more and more how special and advanced this car was for it’s age. To todays standards the performance figures are not that impressive anymore and even small hatchbacks these days have more power than the Mercedes ‘supercars’ of that time. However, current cars are equiped with al kinds of electronic aids to help improving the handling. The roadhandling of the Mercedes 190 E 16v series was purely a result of extensive testing and mechanical grip. These cars still have a superior roadhandling for todays standards and are rewarding and pure fun to drive.

A lot of people know the Mercedes 190 E and some also remember the 16v version and especially the limited produced Evolution versions. But the story behind these cars and the long way of development of the Mercedes 190 E 16v since 1983 is something only a few people know. Therefore I have put a chronologic history of the 190 E 16v series on this site.

However all Mercedes 190 E 16v models are special and a future classic, they become rarer and rarer each year. People do not seem to realise the uniqueness of these cars. Hopefully this site makes people enthusiastic about this car and will keep the Mercedes 190 E 16v spirit alive.

The information on this site is gathered during many years of collecting brochures, magazines, technical documents, etc. However my collection of material is quite extensive and most information should be correct, the facts are not always that clear and unambiguous. If you find any errors on the site or if you have some useful addition to the site please send me an email! Furthermore I have collected so many material that it’s difficult to find out where the information originally came from. So if you see any information or pictures that are used inappropriate just let me know.

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