The initial plans from Mercedes with the 190 E were to compete in international rallying, but because of the succesfull 4WD cars the Mercedes would have been without standing a chance. This however didn’t hold back privateers to go rallying with the 190 E 2.3-16. There was no official factory rally team and most teams were private teams. I have named the drivers of which I have information and pictures of their cars. If you have information of photos to complete this page please send them to me.

Giorgos Agelidis (GR)

Gianki Albert (IT)

Paul Allerts (NL)

Didier Auriol (FR)

Philippe Bugalski also did some rallies with this car:

Holger Bohne (D)

Pierre Bos (FR)

Bruno Bouscary (FR)

Ruben Cabeza-Gema Carballeira (ES)

Robert Chenal (FR)

Philippe Chevallard (FR)

ex-car of Jacques Selmi

Boris Cottier (FR)

Alain Cudini (FR)

Bernard Darniche (FR)

John de Heijde (NL)

ex-car of Hein Jonkers

Gerard de la Casa (AND)

Harald Demuth (D)

Luigi Fracasso (IT)

Tomás Gimeno (ES)

Luis Gonzales (ES)

ex Gimeno

Manfred Hinterreiter (A)

Dave Holland (GB)

Peter Holub (D)

A special thanks to Wolfgang Jörg (navigator on this car) for sending these pictures.

Michel Jongmans (NL)

Hein Jonkers (NL)

Fritz Köhler (D)

Josef Kraus (D)

Dominique Lambert (FR)


Gerard Magniette (B)

Tomasz Marciniak (PL)


William Massias (FR)

Rally Dieppe winner 1990


Marcin Miziak (PL)

Russell Morgan (GB)

Jean Francois Mourgues (FR)

Uwe Nittel (D)

Ex-car of Harald Demuth

Frank Reiter (D)

Jose Luis Rivero (ES)

Peter Rumpfkeil  (D)

Sven Rumpfkeil (D)

Claus Schreiner (D)

Jacques Selmi (FR)


Dany Snobeck (FR)

Jean-Marc Texier (FR)

Steve Thabard (FR)

Jan van de Marel (B)

Danny Vancoillie (B)

Valere Vandermaesen (B)

Dietmar Walter / Kurt Klein (D)